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Here's this semester's reading schedule:
--Unit 1 Victorian Women Writers January 2nd-January 13th--
"Story of an Hour", "The Yellow Wallpaper", and "Roman Fever"
"'The Yellow Wallpaper' and Women's Discourse" by Karen Ford
"'I Had Barbara': Women's Ties and Wharton's 'Roman Fever'" by Rachel Bowlby
During Reading Packet and Reading Schedule
Final Essay
--Unit 2 The Great Gatsby January 23th-February 17th--
The Great Gatsby
Towards a Definition of American Modernism
Outline of Towards a Definition of American Modernism
Class Discussion Expectations
During Reading Choice Assignments and Reading Schedule
Final Essay and Final Essay Feedback Sheet
--Unit 3 Hemingway Short Stories February 21st-March 2nd--
Bad Hemingway Competition
--Unit 4 Independent Reading Project

--Unit 5 Sula March 12-March 30--

(Spring Break March 19th -March 23rd)
--Unit 6 The Crucible April 2nd-April 20th--
--Unit 6 Modernist and Harlem Renaissance Poetry/Contemporary Short Stories April 23rd-May 11th--

Make-up Week May 14th

Finals Week May 21st